Sunday, July 06, 2014

blueberry fairy

Opening weekend at Solebury Orchard.
8 quarts of blueberries, 6 quarts of cherries
and dinner at the mysterious Indian Rock Inn.

Thanks to beautiful Jenn for a wonderful adventure!
xo, j

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

clothing tags

Clothing tags provide provenance
but more importantly they aid in navigation.

When getting dressed the starting point is always the tag,
back of the neck, back of the waist.
With hand made clothing the lack of a tag results in 
a fumbling about, situate the arms now line up the shoulders…

Until I can decide on a font, color, size for my future oakworm tags
I have pulled scraps of fabric out of my stash
 and stitched them onto the back neck line of my sweaters.

I rather like the sweet little bits that combine sewing memories
with my knitted garments to create my 'start here' points.

xo, j

Friday, June 20, 2014


A lousy summer cold has kept me in bed today.
Outside it was beautiful!  All sun and blue and breezy.
The last full day of Spring.

There were moments of recline, when my mind 
started planning the day's adventures...
but when I rose my body thought otherwise.

Instead, a day spent 
mindlessly searching through Ravelry,
with tea and plenty of naps.

xo, j