Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Last Saturday was the New York Sheep and Wool Festival
held in Rhinebeck, NY.
This was my fifth year at the show and I spent more time shopping
than taking photos but here are a few highlights.
waiting in line
carolee from the conversational threads bus trip
amazing sweater and socks
very sweet girl we ran into a couple of times
felted wren houses


the cashmere goats of my dreams

My dear friend Jenn and I met up at 6am for the three hour bus ride North,
lunches packed and suitcase in tow, organized by or favorite LYS
Conversational Threads.

This time we planned our attack before arriving and hit all the events 
and yarn booths we most wanted to visit.
I bought yarn for two sweaters, a capelet and some gloves as well as
a coveted knitting basket, nostepinne, books and a beginner's rug hooking kit.
Jenn also purchased all of the roving from a sheep named Rosie.
So in a sense she brought a sheep home!

It was one of the best days of my year; a week's vacation rolled into a day.
Now to wind, swatch, knit and save up for next year.
Thanks again Jenn.
xo, j

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


This time last week I was waking up
at my favorite campsite in the Catskill Mountains of New York.

The previous night's walk around Little Pond.

Another Henslowe Shawl in the works,
this one is made with naturally dyed merino from the region.

A cold night with touches of frost the next morning.

Morning coffee

I sat on a small suspension bridge and knitted for a while.

The night was full of visitors as the moon was just a day from being full.
Two types of owls called, mice jumped and tried to burrow under my tent,
a fox answered the coyotes howl/bark at the moon and a raccoon tried desperately
to crawl into my tent with me!  The bears stayed away.

xo, j

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

appalachian trail

Four days into my vacation and I'm finally feeling like myself again.
Today I took two different walks along the Appalachian Trail.

Yes, as indicated by the white blaze to the left, the trail 
continues through a boulder field.

The view from Bake Oven Knob.
I haven't been here since I was a teenager, it's always so busy.
Too many people for me to stick around so I headed a bit South.

On my way down a head to head encounter with a very large black snake.
We paused to consider each other then I tapped my walking stick on a rock
and he slowly left the trail, soon to be hibernating I'm sure.

The State Game Lands below Hawk Mountain.
An hour's walk up and forty-five minutes down.

Late lunch creekside.
A thousand gnat veil kept me from lingering.

Yes, I'm feeling much like myself again.
xo, j