Thursday, June 28, 2012


About a week ago I repotted my tomato, rosemary, basil and ivy plants.

The tomato quickly responded to the new soil and "leg room"
as the little fruits have started to turn cherry red.

It may be ridiculous to be babbling on about the simple process of plant growth,
but I'm so proud of my little tomato plant!

Once I was gushing to a friend about how quickly some picked basil
rooted when placed in a glass of water.
"Isn't that what it's supposed to do?" he asked, a bit puzzled.
"Yes, but how wonderful!" was my reply.

So here's to the steady growth of plants,
and the amazement of small wonders.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Quiet Morning

Last night it was cool enough to turn off the fan and snuggle under quilts.
The past few nights have been full of swooping bats and pouncing foxes.
The vixen has brought her kit down from the mountain to hunt.

This morning a swirly breeze is tossing clouds across the sky and the air smells of cut grass.

A new knitting magazine, berries from the weekend and some simple paper marbling I did last week.

I received news of two dear friends who are very ill...they fill my thoughts today.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Morning Thunder

I woke to the sound of thunder this morning.
There was rain and lightening on my drive into work
but now a great wind is pushing all clouds aside.

My brother sent me a little care package of tea towels, 
a scented candle and some snacks.
Thanks so much D, you lifted my spirits on a sad day.
xo, j

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Solebury Orchards

Solebury Orchards opened this week, it's a favorite of mine.
Cherries were almost done for the year and one quart took a long time to pick.
But the blueberry bushes were enormous and full of berries.
I love crawling under them and just hiding out for a while.

Picnic tables under the cherry trees offered 
a beautiful place to rest after an afternoon in the sun.
The branches hang so low that the trees feel like table companions...
Next time I will pack a lunch.

A perfect first weekend of summer.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday - Suddenly Summer

Tomorrow may be the Solstice
but summer's heat arrived with a vengeance today.

After work I stopped by the Allentown Rose Garden.
Tree Swallows live in the birdhouses placed atop each pergola.
You know it's hot when the birds start panting.

I love the smell of heat soaked roses...
The warmth gives such depth to the scent.
Not like the hothouse blooms I buy at the store.

As I was leaving I passed a young man carrying his
guitar case over to a bench by the pond.
What a lovely way to end the day.
If only I could have stayed to listen.

More heat tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday - Soft Morning

I treated myself to a bunch of peonies yesterday.
Their sweet scent fills the apartment on this grey morning
as I eat an almond croissant with raspberries
and stream French Radio...
maybe it will rain

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday - At Home

A mostly cloudy afternoon has given way to sun.
I did the usual domestic chores today
Then settled down with some iced tea
in a favorite little glass.
You used to be able to buy sour cream in these glasses.
Now I stumble upon them at flea markets.
The black wheat pattern was an especially striking find.

I've finally colored and cut all the pieces for the Farm book
and will begin assembly this evening.

Basil and cherry tomatoes share the windowsill.
I'm still amazed that the tomatoes are growing indoors.

Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday - Strawberries, Roosters and Sheep

I went strawberry picking at a farm along
the Delaware River this morning.
It's a week or so past the optimum picking time
but I was quickly able to fill two quarts.

Afterward, I visited another favorite little out of the way farm.
Apparently I arrived during siesta, although not all were sleeping.

The magnificent red rooster was enormous and
full of the attitude one would expect from such a bird.
The other male was smaller but no less splendid.

The sheep and hens seemed unimpressed by the theatrics
and dozed away contentedly.

Strawberries with freshly whipped cream tonight.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday - Red Socks

While reading Ann Marie's post about her recent trip to Switzerland the Alps
I was reminded of my own visit many years ago.

Left to hike the trail above on my own I made my way 
to the glacial flow in the distance.
Amazed by the abundance of wildflowers and stumbling over
German greetings with fellow hikers I felt I was on top of the world.

Later, in a small town below, I saw a woman with a grey bob,
white shirt and lederhosen heading up to the trail alone.
She had bright red socks peeking from the tops of her boots.
I fancied I was looking at myself in the far future...
wishing perhaps.

I regret not buying a pair of lederhosen while I was there!

I turned the heel of my simple red socks this morning.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday - Conversational Threads

It feels like summer today.
The sky is a smalty humid blue and the temperature is at 90F.

I took a ride over to my favorite yarn store today, Conversational Threads.
The owner, Cindy, is expanding and I had to get a look at the new layout.
The store has more than doubled in size and is just beautiful!
A warm and inviting atmosphere with a lovely and helpful owner
and loads of wonderful yarn.

Of course, I went in to pick up some more #2 DP's 
and could not resist the the yummy pink merino blend.

Good luck with the new shop Cindy. 
(Sorry I didn't post more photos; I was home before I realized
my camera lens was filthy!  More next time.)

Saturday, June 09, 2012


Since my return from the mountains I've been very, very busy.
As my friend, littlelichen, suggested 
"Head to the woods and never return to civilization!"
My heart is always in the woods...

Yesterday I had to give a block printing and bookbinding demo at work.
I hauled in the pages for Farm and a copy of April, among other things.
The response was great and I even had requests to purchase each book.
Last night I spent three hours cutting around the 12 first panels of Farm;
12 complete copies are going to take a while to finish!

The flowers on my yellow orchid are starting to droop,
pretty amazing since they bloomed in February!

As impossible as it seems, I have three tiny cherry tomatoes on my windowsill plant.
The hothouse beauties will be used to make a tomato and avocado sandwich for lunch.

Hope you enjoy your weekend.