Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekend - Tucked Away

Feeling quite run down I spent most of my weekend holed up
with some new yarn, Gerber Daisies and cups of tea.

It snowed most of Saturday, although none of it stayed around and
was blustery and cold Sunday.  The wind howled as it pushed out the clouds.

The bookshelf photo was accidental.  It's one of nine bookshelves
 in my little apartment!

The small white orchid and purple violet are new.  My lovely yellow
orchid is still opening blooms as is the one in my shower.

Last night I awoke suddenly from a bad dream and threw wide the window 
for a deep breath of cold air.  I frightened the neighborhood skunk who quickly 
waddled down the alley, white tail trailing.  My nightmare soon forgotten.

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