Sunday, February 02, 2014

There's a grey drizzle of rain outside and it's warmer than it
has been in many months…but snow is again on the way.

I've been rushing about all weekend preparing for 
a business trip to Chicago next week.

Dear Em, I will try to mail your package by Monday
and Patrice your mittens will accompany me on my journey.

Hope all are well.
xo, j


  1. I hope your trip goes well! Love the colours in that image, so warm and cosy...
    I'll be bursting with excitement, waiting for my snail mail to arrive...your package is here ready to go...just need your address, could you email it to me before you go?? x

  2. ;^)))
    enjoy your trip!

    Patrice A.

    i have send you an e-mail
    did you get it?.....

  3. There's a grey drizzle of rain here too... but no delicious-looking lavender (?) cookies ;-)
    I have been away from the blogosphere for a while but have been happily catching up with you today... a very happy (belated) birthday to you, lovely to see a glowing Sophie, and your latest flying horse painting is a beauty! Hope your business trip to Chicago goes well.