Sunday, March 02, 2014

queen of the bed

"However little television you watch, watch less.  
Read.  Read for pleasure.
Read for happiness."
-David McCullough

And so I have.
Thoroughly absorbed in an 800 page tome
with a small stack waiting on my chair.

While wandering through my local greenhouse Saturday
I found a large palm plant in the discount section.
I have a weakness for wayward plants so now I wake 
under the sweeping green boughs each morning.
I hope it will get enough sun in that corner,
but better a chance with me than into the dust bin.

Cut veggies to be roasted for dinner
and Pantone color reference cards to try and spur
my reluctance to commit paint onto board.

It's snowing again...
but spring is just a couple of weeks away.
xo, j


  1. ;^))
    love your queen of the bed
    and your bed too!
    looks wonderful and cosy

    i have been reading a lot
    it's what i love most i think
    but now i really have to work
    a lot of nice things are happening
    spring is here!


  2. can't wait for spring and i love the quote! been in a serious reading rut lately.

  3. so unexpected snow today while i was working and
    all i could pay attention today was outside snow..
    palm plant in your own nice!

  4. Your blog is very makes me smile. I am glad I found it!