Friday, January 27, 2012


                              Another very dark and rainy day.

                              The pink cat is a birthday gift from a dear friend.
                              The squirrel nest outside my window, what a view of the stars they must have!
                              More paperwhite bulbs started and my latest orchid bloom.

                             Now off to work!


  1. how lucky you are to have a squirrel nest outside your window!

    days are slowly beeing filled with more daylight and birdsong here. i am longing for spring. can't wait to start planting seeds and to see if my rosebushes have survived the winter...

    wishing you a lovely sunday,

    1. I know, so many think of them as pests but they are a daily part of my life. I can't wait for Spring either. I'm glad your birds are singing to remind you that change is always on its way...remember the smell of warm, just turned earth? :) Soon... Happy Sunday to you! xo

  2. the smell and feeling of just turned earth
    ...ohhhh YES how i long for that!!: )


  3. I cannot wait to feel and smell the fresh turned earth either! That reminds me...I should begin to plan my garden for this year!