Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday - Downtown Allentown

Allentown Art Museum

                           I had to attend an artistic achievement award function for my job today.
                           The ceremony was held at Allentown Symphony Hall.
                           Unfortunately I was too busy to get a photo inside the Hall,
                           but the mural is on the back wall of the building.

                          Allentown is attempting an urban renewal, I hope they are able to succeed.
                          All pics are within a block of each other and are sadly devoid of people.

                         I'm battling second glove syndrome...must finish it this weekend.
                         My thoughts have drifted to sweaters...........................................


  1. you made me laugh dear j:
    second love syndrome! i think i have that too.
    guess i have second "everything" syndrome...ha-ha...the first sock, glove and so on are always the most fun to do.

    i am currently knitting on a sweater for a friends birtday.
    the yarn is VERY thin so it takes forever, but it looks pretty. hope she will like it. i LOVE getting handmade things and i know she does also.

    going to enjoy a cup of bed time tea before going to sleep now. just took a little walk in the snow, it was nice and peaceful.


  2. And you make me smile, dearest V. :)

    Thanks so much for the link, the sweater is beautiful. Much work ahead for you, your friend is very lucky! I LOVE handmade gifts too.

    Two years ago I decided to make my family handmade quilts for Christmas (crazy, I know!) I completed 6, five foot square simple patchwork quilts in one year.
    The quilting was done by hand and I had so many pin pricks on my fingers by December! Never could get used to wearing a thimble. But I knew that each piece would wrap my loved ones who live so far away for many years after.

    When we wear/create handmade gifts it's like sending/receiving a hug.

    The snow is readying the ground for your seeds to come!
    sweet dreams xo