Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday - Garden Book

It feels like summer has officially arrived.
The air is hot and muggy; typical Pennsylvania haze
gave way to intense thunderstorms that still grumble in the distance.

The last couple of days I've been working on my next little book.
Again, it will be a tunnel format but with a twist this time.
The proof sheets are pictured above.

I spent little time figuring the plates out and didn't do any 
preliminary drawings but instead drew directly 
on the blocks and cut fearlessly.
My mantra, "This is supposed to be fun."

The salad bowl in the first picture came from the local garden center.
"Don't keep it indoors," the sales person warned me repeatedly.
Could she tell I was without a plot of land or balcony?
So there it sits on my windowsill.


  1. I absolutely love the little cottage print. Can't wait to see more....



  2. Charming and lovely! Nice butterfly, would love to see the other carved blocks, too. (B just brought home some Blick block printing ink, will be trying some fabric printing this week...)

  3. I like that mantra! :) Don't worry about those greens growing inside either, they'll do just fine.