Saturday, November 03, 2012

After the Storm

Hurricane Sandy has passed by.
Thank you so much for all those who sent me good wishes
and helped me make it through the storm.

It was a frightening night as the winds reached 81mph.
There was lightening in the clouds and the winds smelled briny
as they tore at the trees.

I lost power for a day; the store where I work was closed for three days.
There are still many people without electricity.
I was very lucky.

Today I took a drive back to the Goggleworks 
to pick up the tumbler I made last week.

On the way home I stopped for a walk around 
I filled my glass with wind before the first drink.
It may be a little lopsided but I'm so pleased!
Thanks Scott!


  1. phew
    + i bet the wind tastes better in a
    tumbler made with one's own hands
    (or is it mouth? )


    1. i knew you would understand!
      yes, as clay is made with your hands, glass is made with your breath...
      just had to fill it to the brim with wind!
      xo, j

  2. oh this is good to hear...that you are okay...
    i have been thinking a LOT about you!!!

    have been working on a christmas present for you today : )


  3. Glad to hear you have emerged relatively unscathed... but it does sound like a very frightening night!
    Your tumbler is beautiful - magnificent colour and captured swirling light.

  4. thank you to all for keeping me in your thoughts.
    and thanks for the tumbler comments
    i walked around holding it all afternoon!
    silly...i used to do that with pottery that i made too.

  5. i am relieved that your life is back to
    peaceful world again. must be rewarding
    feeling to have own tumbler! beautiful color.