Saturday, February 23, 2013

Doylestown, Delaware River and Cheesecake

snowdrops and aconites
herd of deer
entrance to furniture craftsman George Nakashima's home and workshop
looking down river
cheesecake before baking

On Monday I took my brother down to Doylestown for lunch.
We ate at a terrible restaurant but the coffee shop where we had dessert was cute.

Tired from our NYC adventure the day before
we decided to just take a ride home up the Delaware River.
I was so thrilled to see the winter flowers had come up!
The world is beginning to wake up again

Back home D made me the most amazing raspberry swirl cheesecake!
Not only is he a great brother but a wonderful baker too.

The next day he boarded a plane back to Florida.
The apartment is very quiet...

I've had a bit of a relapse in my health but hope to be feeling 
well enough to start making things soon.
For now, back to bed.

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