Monday, February 18, 2013

New York City

5th Avenue
Grand Central Terminal - 100 years old
New York Public Library
Temple of Dendur - Metropolitan Museum of Art
Central Park
Times Square

D and I spent a very cold day in New York City yesterday.
The temperature was in the 20's with wind gusts up to 50mph
making it feel like single digits.
On 77th Street we actually saw a woman knocked over by a gust of wind!

There was a Matisse show at the Met that I was very excited to see.
Despite the sub-freezing temperatures we had a great time.
Maybe next time my other brother will be able to join us.


  1. New York, New York! The boys really want to go to New York after I told them about my trip there (back in high school!). Love your photos. Looks like a fun time despite the cold :)

  2. dear j, you've been so energetic these
    days. i kind of envy your siblinghood
    that you share so many nice things with
    each other. the first photo reminded me
    the time i was there once.
    thank you.
    sparrow said hello to you from here♡

  3. Hi Sweetness! I know your other brother would love to have been with you and D on your journey into NYC! Miss you!