Sunday, December 01, 2013

jacobsburg state park

Although utterly exhausted from work I decided
to take a short walk around Jacobsburg State Park this afternoon.

It felt like snow as the the air was crisp and cold.
I walked around an abandoned quarry and sat for a while
watching as icicles fell into the dark water, echoing off the slate walls.

Down by the creek I slipped on the muddy bank.
My left hand went out to break my fall and landed in a sticker bush.
I pulled out the thorns, brushed off my muddy bum and turned for home.

Despite the mishaps it felt good to clear my head and breathe the fresh air.
Home to a big lunch then I crawled under the covers for a long nap.
More busy days ahead.

xo, j


  1. so stunning! i'm sorry about your fall, sometimes when you're stressed those little things seem to make it work. hopefully the beautiful scenery made up for it

  2. walking seems to ease exhustion always
    for me...