Sunday, December 15, 2013

willi singleton

Today I had the great privilege of visiting Pine Creek Pottery,
the studio of Japanese trained potter Willi Singleton.

Willi uses mostly natural materials, including clay he digs locally
and glazes made from slip and wood ash he processes from corn husk and bamboo.
The pieces are then fired in his four chambered wood fired climbing kiln,
a 30 hour event that requires around the clock maintenance by the artist and a team of friends.

Tucked away in a wooded hollow alongside a creek 
and embraced by a forest of bamboo his studio and home are magical.

Willi carefully handles each piece, reciting its story with such intimacy and candor,
it felt like being properly introduced to the friend I was taking home.

Today I was able to touch that place within me that is so often 
pushed aside as I muddle through the business of my day job.

Now for some tea with my new friend.

xo, j


  1. wauw.... what an inspiring place
    pottery is on my wishlist for years
    i would love to learn, but when and where.....
    Lucky you that you could visit!
    enjoy your tea and new friend ;^))

    Patrice A.

    1. My hands miss the feel of clay and the smell of the firing...
      I hope you can find a place to try ceramics, you'll be brilliant and immediately smitten!
      Hope you are well dear one.
      love, j

  2. so beautiful, what a dream life.

    1. Exactly!
      That little hollow is a sanctuary and the potter a gracious gentleman.
      xo, j

  3. a dream . . . how i'd love to, one day

  4. nice. i love willi's place. feel like i'm back living in japan eating noodles in a tiny shop on top of takiyama in a snowstorm