Tuesday, January 21, 2014


beautiful handmade from Suzanne (a big jar of local honey too!)
Paula, Lisa and Jenny were so generous
Ron always remembers (lucky Paula!)

On Sunday, January 19, I celebrated my 50th Birthday!
It was back to NYC to buy myself a special gift from Tiffany's
(with the generous help of my family)
then downtown to Purl Soho for the precious little scissors.

I've heard well wishes from so many dear friends 
and packages of beautiful gifts flooded my doorstep.
Thank you Dave for the watch I wear every day!

Thank you to all, not just for the gifts but for remembering
and being so patient with me when I 'disappear' now and then…
my life is full of love and I am so grateful.
all my love
xo, j


  1. the happiest of days to you, dear j!

  2. congratulations!
    i wish you a wonderful year!!
    i will turn 50 too this year
    in August ;^))


  3. i am late for your B wishes but good to hear
    that you had a great day.