Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pool Wildlife Sanctuary

Wild Carrot fist

With my hand knit red socks in my new boots I went into the woods today.
The season is noticeably changing as wildflowers begin to fade.
There were six lean to's scattered along the trail, a Summer Nature Camp project, I think.
Thanks to Carrie's amazing posts for getting me outside this weekend.


  1. your red socks looks cozy in that boots. i can imagine you hopping around in the woods. really, summer is feels like we
    had a very short summer here this yr.

    1. I did find myself wiggling my toes about in my boots as I walked and remembering all the stitches that were tucked away.
      There's such a sense of gratification in wearing what you have made.
      Summer may be ending but fall is beginning...and so it goes.
      Keep up the beautiful sewing!
      xo, j

  2. Yes, summer is flying by this year. The chilly fall air is upon us already. Love your red socks! I have a favorite pair of rainbow knitted socks. My boys love to build lean-to's. Definitely time for some longer, meandering hikes.

    1. I am so tempted to bring a blanket and book along next time and crawl beneath that lean to!
      Glad to hear your boys are outside and in the woods.
      Technology is grand (without it we may have never met!) but dirt and wood and water are so important too.
      Meandering is the key word to my hiking anymore.
      Sometimes it's so wonderful to just sit silently and wait, watch and listen.
      To simply be a part of the wooded community.
      Thanks for the comments!
      Have a great week.
      xo, j

  3. Thanks J :). I always find your blog posts inspiring too. Some days I feel closer to those in our little blogging community than I do to those around me day to day, even though we are all so far apart. Lots of kindred spirits here, and that's such a comforting feeling.

    Those socks absolutely ROCK. I'm glad you had a great day out. The lean-to looks like a little hobbit house, it's so wonderfully melded into the landscape. I love finding mysteries like that in the woods. I went for a hike this morning as well, different path from yesterday. It's getting chilly here too. The woods are getting that smell to them, the smell of leaves starting to die and the earth bracing itself for dormancy. Let's hope it takes it's time.

  4. I agree that I sometimes feel closer to our little community than to those in my daily life, you phrased it so well. Most people are confused by my ability to embrace such simple pleasures as stopping to look up at the sky each day. We may be miles apart but kindred spirits will find one another.
    The robins have left for the year and all I hear this morning are crickets and the bugling of blue jays.
    It's when we don't take the time to stop and notice the changes around us that time seems to fly by.
    How easy that sounds...but I will try.
    Can't wait to see what your wandering in the woods will teach me next!
    Have a great week, dear friend. xo, j