Friday, August 24, 2012

Evening Walk

After work I went grocery shopping and then home.
My plan was to devour the rest of Wild and have a bit of dinner.

So there I am, reading about a woman out in the woods...
why am I not a woman out in the woods?!?

About an hour of sun remained 
so I pulled on my boots and headed outside.

Now I'm tired, but in a good way.
Back to the book!


  1. Sounds like a perfectly good day!

  2. I love these pictures! I can just hear the bees buzzing and the little goldfinch chirping.

    I was out grubbing around for mushroom photo ops in this hemlock grove the other day, and almost had a head on collision with a black bear. Apparently those chanterelles were so nummy he was distracted. I looked at him, he looked at me, and we both turned and ran. It was HILARIOUS. As soon as I saw him I thought of you and you're little book with the watchful bear. :)

    I'll have to read Wild. The woods always make me feel better no matter what is happening with my life, always. It's almost like they absorb the worry and pain right out of you.