Saturday, August 11, 2012

Wild Carrots, Acorns and Bears

My fascination with Queen Ann's Lace this year has been apparent.
But what of the lovely root that gives it the common name, wild carrot.
Definatley my summer plant this year.

The acorns are growing and the squirrels have begun to feast.
The branches they fell reveal the tiny nuts.
Although it's still quite hot, summer has begun to turn.

I spent the afternoon cutting a new accordion book.
It was difficult for me to photograph, so this is just a preview.

A thoughtful bear watches over a campsite.
I'm really quite fond of bears.
Missing the smell of a campfire tonight...


  1. Lovely! I love Queen Anne's lace, too. Have you ever made jelly from it? I've been contemplating it, but it does take quite a bit of sugar. I think my favorite summer plant has to be our bee balm. Looking forward to more pictures of the book!

    1. No, I haven't made jelly from it but will have to look into a recipe.
      Bee balm is a lovely plant...even the name is wonderful!
      Thanks for the encouragement on the book, it keeps me working.
      : )
      xo, j

  2. I bet the bears are quite fond of you too J. :) That papercut is a lovely tribute to them.

    I have a sincere hope that the hedgerows in Heaven are filled with Queen Anne's Lace. There simply is no such thing as too many.

    1. Don't you just love the word hedgerow!
      I wanted to use it for my blog but it wasn't available.
      QA Lace is one of nature's most incredible form of crochet/knitting/embroidery.
      Have you cut any paper lately?
      Glad you're enjoying your summer.
      (Kisses for Sky)
      xo, j

  3. your wild carrot is pretty.
    yes, there is a subtle sign of fall here
    too and feel like too early to end summer