Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Drawing Table

I straightened my drawing table last Sunday evening.
It may look cluttered but I know where everything is...

The rabbit gazing at the moon is only 1" square.
I went through a phase of tiny painting and not so great soldering.
The horse a study for a much larger piece.
: )

Can't wait to get back to making things.


  1. I love the bunny. And you know I share your obsession for seeing other people's work spaces. Lovely. The boys and I send lots of love.......

  2. looking at other's desk area and kitchen is
    is very intriguing. i love your stuck of
    tin cans. i wonder what you keep inside.

  3. I love the glimpse of your drawing space. I don't think it looks cluttered, it looks just right :) My older son would love it too. He's really into drawing right now.

  4. great desk! i know what you mean about knowing where everything is x