Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Rainy Morning Knitting

It's a dark and rainy morning here, the perfect kind of day for me.
But soon I must be off to work.

My job has been very, very busy lately.
All those college kids going back to school and needing art supplies. 
I'm so tired when I come home all I can do is knit.

Here is the project I'm working on now.
Knit in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino it is yet another grey sweater.
But this grey is more of a graphite color, it reflects the light and almost shimmers.
It will be incredibly soft and drape beautifully when done.

Endless rows of mindless knitting to soothe me.


  1. It's beautiful what you're knitting, I admire you.
    Enjoy and relax knitting!!

  2. the kind of morning i long to wake up to
    and if i could knit i think it would be in grey, always.
    but it's 39 degrees and humid
    and my repetitive strain injury sadly can't bear needles.

    this is beautiful!

  3. hello you,
    that piece already
    looks beautiful!
    the color, the softness
    I am not a very good knitter
    but like you I like the repetition
    it calms me

    Patrice A.