Saturday, September 29, 2012

End of September

There is a small flock of Robins that roost in 
my tree line every year on their migration South.

They laugh and chirp morning and evening,
exchanging tales of their daily adventures.

I will not see them again until the second week in March.
Safe flight


  1. i would happily frame that first image and put it on my wall, love it

  2. it is nice that they come see you in
    the fall and spring. lucky girl☺
    it is surprisingly very cold morning here,
    almost like middle of winter.

  3. there are always a couple that rest for a bit in our garden every winter - what incredible distances they cover, yet they look so tiny, fragile. and i love your fields bracing for autumn.

  4. thank you everyone
    your kind comments make my day
    xo, j