Wednesday, May 22, 2013

dudley farm

the old road to the farm

front bedroom
airing quilts on the back porch
the kitchen house
the garden
corn husk broom

This is the last of my Florida posts.
Dudley farm was built in 1855 and remains an historic
working farm just outside of Gainesville.

What I love about Dudley is that you must park in a lot
and then walk the old road back to the farm.
That short walk has the power to transport you back in time.

Florida is mostly sand covered as is apparent from the garden photo.
There is a small herd of cattle, a horse, a mule and chickens
that are year round residents.

The kitchen is in a separate building just behind the house,
as Florida summers can be very hot and humid.

I absolutely love the corn husk broom!
Would love to make one of my own.
A quilt in progress hangs on a frame suspended over
the beds in the front bedroom.

Thanks for allowing me to share some of my favorite holiday photos.
Now it's back to making things!


  1. nmm, i would have enjoyed walk to the
    farm from parking lot with you.
    that corn broom is one thing i love
    in this post. thanks j for the tour.

  2. How beautiful! The quilt airing on the back porch is magnificent (as is the corn husk broom :)
    I've thoroughly enjoyed your Florida pics - thank you!