Monday, March 05, 2012

Monday - Book Art

About five years ago I had a Book Arts Show at a local College library.
It took nine months to make all the pieces, a difficult task while working my day job.

This is a box with drawers that I constructed (I love box making!) and filled with
various objects that were then illustrated in a companion book.
Each drawer also had a map, stamp and scenic vista on an accompanying page.
It would have been too many photos to show everything!

This past weekend I tried my hand at book making again but was not successful.
I hope that by reviewing old work and being diligent about sitting at my drawing
table I will soon be making books again.
Spring is always a good time to start working.  : )

I apologize for the rather blurry's a skill I need to work on.


  1. amazing work!!
    you are so incredibly talented,
    thank you for showing these works of yours.


  2. that's so kind of you to say, dearest v. xo

  3. Love the configuration (and execution)of this piece! I have been making little masu boxes from paper, which are as simple as one can get... More handmade books please! Hugs, Suzanne

  4. incredibly beautiful . . .

    and thank you for the kind words, j - they helped immeasurably.