Thursday, March 01, 2012

Thursday - Neighbors

The lovely pair of Mourning Doves who have once again chosen
to roost outside my window.

Their sad calls soothe my aching heart...


  1. when i was growing up in country side, there were many doves around and their voice were over heard on sunny afternoon, it was calm rhythmic voice♪ now i live far away from my hometown, everytime when i hear doves, the memory of my childhood comes back.
    i hope your heart is healed gradually.
    warm regard,

  2. thank you so much for the lovely words and kind thoughts, it means a great deal to me. xo j

  3. we also have some doves here, actually heard them yesterday.. i like the sound.

    thinking about you a lot my dear j,


  4. i love these photos! mourning doves are some of my favorites and i miss the yardfull that we had where i just moved from. i love that you got the shot of the one sleeping/with eyes closed! (do you mind if i pin it?)

  5. Sure, go ahead! I'm so sorry you had to leave your beautiful sheep barn but hope you're doing well in your new home. I love your blog. thanks, J