Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday - The Rose Garden

I have been working very long hours...

A chance drive by the Rose Garden on my way home tonight
proved to be my best decision of the week.

Weeping Cherry trees are blooming!
They usually don't flower until mid April.

A fragrant Magnolia spills petals with reckless abandon.

I wish...


  1. spring came to YOU a lot earlier than mine. our cherry blossom has not even started making buds yet...
    it seems like you live in a area with lots of nature you can enjoy which is one nice thing in life.
    here, my long day is ending and i heard tomorrow we will have heavy rain. i might just enjoy stayin home tidying the house and look at my plants through the window. have a lovely evening, j.

    oh, i have a favor. when the dogwood tree started blooming, would you take the photo and show us?
    i miss being there.

  2. I adore the dogwoods, too! I will most certainly post photos when they appear. We haven't had rain in a very long time...I rather like a rainy day. Tidy up and tend to your lovely window garden, dear coco.
    Thank you for your contact info, I will sending you an email soon. : ) j