Sunday, March 25, 2012


Another year's inventory completed.

I am exhausted and have spent most of my day napping,
reading and cutting paper.
Three copies started, three more to go.
(I'm quite out of practice!)

The Dogwoods are beginning to bloom and a bowl of
strawberries for snacking.


  1. Naps much deserved for a job well done! Book looks lovely!

  2. that paperart looks amazing j!!!

    looks like a lovely sunday and by the way:
    is it the tail of something that is in the left of the last photo?

  3. I was a sculptor for twelve years and that is one of the horses that I used to make.

  4. that is the dogwood flower buds! remember how pretty the flower is
    but don't remember the buds but nice to see them. thanks for the photo.