Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday - Avoidance

In a classic case of avoidance I decided that it was of utmost importance
that I double check my portable drawing kit this evening.

(I should be cutting up the paper and bookcloth for my little book.)

It all began when I couldn't find my metal triangle.
I pulled out my art supply carry-all and became intent on organizing
and photographing the content.

The first half is all Derwent colored pencils, regular and watercolor, along
with some Micron pens.

The second half has a compass, lead holder, dip pen, watercolor brush,
micro spatula and exacto knife on the left.
An eraser, 6" metal triangle, 6" metal ruler, watercolor set, pencil sharpener,
scissors, bonefolder and a favorite little magnifying glass on the right.

Hmmm...I forgot extra blades for the knife...and binding needles with
linen thread...maybe a glue stick?

I will find my way around to actually doing some work this weekend.
Maybe after dinner...and some knitting...

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. I am a master of avoidance. Knowing I need to do something automatically makes me NOT want to do it. Oh well. Maybe we can blame it on our artistic temperments ;)

  2. And still we fight on! Tricking ourselves into doing something we actually do enjoy but may sometimes find intimidating. :)