Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday - Dogwood Nature Prints

This morning I took advantage of the bright sun on my windowsill
and used Nature Print paper with Dogwood flowers.

I had to pop the screen out to get enough sun (keeping a close eye on Sophie)
and arranged the flowers on a board with a piece of glass on top.

After exposure the prints are put into a water bath for about a minute
and then set to dry on a board covered with newsprint.

When the flowers are first removed their image is blue but the water bath
reverses the color.

Some books I made years ago with the papers.  
The old prints are a much deeper blue, I think my stock of paper is old.  
Doesn't matter...the  faded color is just as lovely.

I plan to use some for bookmaking and some will be sewn along their
top edges to create a curtain like effect as shown in the first two photos.
How pretty they will look hanging in a breezy window.

Happy Friday the Thirteenth!