Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter Sunday

Grape Hyacinths I planted in a secret place last year and a treasured
glass egg both on my nightstand.

I went for a drive this afternoon, the farm is a favorite as is the horse
in the paddock to the left.

This morning I put some chocolate eggs in a little nest.
I came home to my own Easter Egg Hunt, courtesy of the cat!
There is still one I haven't found yet.

Thanks Sophie  :)
Happy Easter


  1. hope you're having a lovely day. happy easter!

  2. my
    dear j,

    have you eaten the norwegian easter eggs yet?
    if you did i hope you liked them : )

    how cute your elkhound was, thank you for showing me!!

    it is either snow or rain here these days... bad for a garden person like me...ha-ha...

    i hope your eaater was a good one,
    mine was : )