Monday, October 01, 2012

Back Roads and Hawks

I woke up this morning intending to go for a hike at Jacobsburg State Park.
Unfortunately, I left my car's headlights on over night and drained the battery.

After roadside assistance came and gave me a jump
I decided to make the drive to the park anyway.
(what better way to recharge the battery!)

I didn't stop for fear the car may not restart 
but instead drove around the backroads for a while.

I saw a Broad Wing and a Marsh Hawk along with my usual Red Tails.
It's migration season and they like to follow the mountain chain South.

ps. the car battery is recharged and working fine now


  1. glad you got back safely. you know how to enjoy wildness!
    love the last photo.

  2. We love taking the back roads, and birdwatching. Glad you got out to enjoy your day. Sounds like a great one (other than the battery being dead!).

  3. beautiful back roads, i love the houses x

  4. j, what is the title ob this book?