Sunday, April 14, 2013

sunday at home

the sweetest little pink flowered strawberry plant 
complete with 3 berries and more to come.

I did all my running around on Saturday 
so I could stay home and work on Sunday

First, I bound 25 signatures in another coptic book.
Orange endpapers and thread with a finished thickness of 1 3/4".
My ever watchful assistant was fascinated by the thread as I sewed.

Then wound three skeins of un-dyed merino wool, each weighing 2 lb.
An hour simmer in the mordant bath and then a rinse and dry in the shower.
Tomorrow I will boil the daffodil flowers and then steep the dye overnight.
Hopefully the yarn will be dyed on Tuesday night!

And I also finished one sleeve of my sweater, only one more to go.
I hope everyone had a great weekend too.


  1. beautiful images
    of a day spent well!
    and your last post
    brought back memories
    of the bookbinding lessons
    i loved so much

    thank you!

  2. i didn't know daffodils could be used to dye with, what kind of colour? i'm just started out getting into dyeing x

    1. I'm new to dyeing too. The color should be yellow, it's recommended to put in some red onion skins and then a bit of soda ash at the end to the process. My apartment smells like wet sheep! *smile*. xo, j