Wednesday, April 17, 2013

the finished product

Well, the dye lost its brilliant orange color and 
ended up a nice golden hay color.
I left one skein in the dye bath overnight to see if it would darken
but the color was the same this morning.
I'll use the remaining dye as a base for a bag of red onion skins
collected from the grocery store.

The grey sweater was finished last night and blocked this morning.
It's as soft as a cloud and the fit is loose and very comfortable.
I didn't get to plant the seedlings as planned, soon...

The morning is grey but vibrating with the acidic green of new leaves
and the smell of rain and chlorophyll.


  1. what a wonderful thing ~ yarn dyed from daffodils :) so pretty :) lovely knit sweater too :)
    haPPy day

  2. beautifully done!
    your sweater looks so comfy and love the
    simpleness. your recent posts give me
    inspiration and energy. thanks j.

    so so sunny morning here today as if
    early summer. glad to be my day off.

  3. The colour is still beautiful.
    I love natural colours - all of them just seem perfect.
    And I would love to learn how to "block".
    I have only ever wet cloth ironed...
    And of course your sweater is "lush"

  4. Beautiful color You have created! And i am sure that lovely sweater fastly becomes a favourite : )