Monday, April 01, 2013

April is Here

Within weeks the cherry and apple trees will be blooming.
Yesterday was all steady rain and today the sun is bright,
so is the pattern that awakens the trees and flowers.

I've been unwell again.
Last week a small itch on my arm covered my torso and arms
overnight with large red welts and little pustules!
Contact dermatitis.

I went to the doctor twice and am now on steroids to stop the progression.
I don't like taking medications and this one makes me a bit restless.
So yesterday I stitched together the hankie window shade, painted the rabbit 
and the polar bear and frantically knitted away on my grey sweater.
Oh, and the apartment has been thoroughly straightened!
Needless to say, sleep has been difficult.

I also just bought a new camera.
These are my first photos taken with it.
All the settings are right out of the box as I haven't taken
the time to read through my manual yet.
It's a bit steps.


  1. parade of pretty handkerchief! always love
    the idea of your creation.
    sun is back here today and am going
    to do the cherry blossom picnic today.
    picnic lunch under the tree and probably see
    many wild flowers..
    sending sunshine to you way ~~~

  2. Love the idea of the hankies. I have a box full of beautiful hankies looking for a purpose. I may give your idea a try and hang the on the window in my closet room. Hope you are feeling better!!

  3. I hope you're feeling better now. I was diagnosed with Lychen Planus and am on steroids. It's been very unpleasant to say the least.