Wednesday, November 06, 2013

a weakness for things that grow...

I really ought to know better than linger in the flower section 
of my favorite grocery store…

This lovely globe of bromeliads found its way home with me.
I'm out of windowsill space so I'm taking to the air!

Hope you're having a fine week.
xo, j


  1. i am curious how that grows in a beautiful globe. it is
    always nice to have green indoor, isn't it.

  2. The plants are epiphytes, commonly called air plants. They do not need soil to survive and get their nutrients from the air/rain. I have to regularly mist them with water. They are very common in Florida. xo, j

  3. of course it came home with you
    how could you have possibly left it in the shop ? :)
    i love how its transparency lets you look
    at the nature beyond . . .

  4. I wonder do they come in larger globes. The plants are so sculptural!

    1. wouldn't it be wonderful to have a window full!
      i imagine they like the swinging motion as they grow on tree limbs naturally
      thank you for your comment
      xo, j
      xo, j