Sunday, November 24, 2013

blustery weekend

Cold, cold cold…the wind pushed at my back as I walked a new trail.
Berries shivered and milkweed flew from my hand, the tip of my nose cold
as I braced myself for the walk back to the trail head.

Saturday night the first snow squall swirled off the rooftops,
melting on my up turned face…and then it was gone.

I knit another glove, painted, blocked a sweater, did my yoga, read the paper,
painted some more then spent the evening watching documentaries and drinking tea.
All that was missing, a campfire and a dog.

Hope your weekend was full of adventures.
xo, j


  1. what a adventurous weekend you had.
    i love the trainrail photo which makes me want
    to travel....
    i forgot the name of hard cookie on last photo...

  2. i loved hearing and seeing
    from your weekend, lovely it was!: )

    my dear friend G, had her 40'th birthday this weekend
    so mine has been of the joyus and celebrating kind.
    lots of laughter and smiles, and tooooo much cake..ha-ha...


  3. what a perfect time, I miss being in big weather like that.
    and we celebrated a birthday with a small party
    thankfully the little 'clients' were very happy :)