Sunday, November 03, 2013

morning light


my warping board seems to become a coat racks when not in use

This morning I woke with no regard for the clock
and turned on some of my favorite music.
I pottered about, feeding the fish and the cat with a coffee in hand,
straightened up a bit and then pruned and watered my windowsill gardens.

Later in the day I sat down with a cup of apple cinnamon tea
and a book I've been trying to finish for a week...still not done.

Then some knitting and the ripping out of a sweater that took me three
months to complete but was a couple of sizes too big and looked ridiculous!
I don't properly swatch my projects and over estimated the size that would fit me.
An optimist would say it's like having all new yarn to begin another project!

The photos are of my meanderings around the apartment.
The black/blue/red jacket in the last pic was thought to be lost,
I was so over joyed upon finding it I hugged it like an old friend.

I perfectly lovely day…
Hope yours was too.
xo, j


  1. seeing lovely post helps me conclude
    my day in peace. i came home after grocery
    shopping and bought apple cinnamon ginger tea too.
    don't you just love the combination of apple&cinnamon!
    sleep well my friend.

  2. ah, pottering
    there's just nothing like it,
    the peacefulness of it all