Sunday, November 17, 2013

pottery and such

On Saturday I visited the studio of potter Jeff Kleckner and finally
bought a cup I've waited over a year to purchase.

The beautiful quatrefoil shape is enticing and the porcelain enchanting
but it's the glaze that sets my mind buzzing.  
It bears such a strong resemblance to the skin of a spotted sea ray!

Yes, both tea and coffee taste better in my spotted cup.

The little fingerless gloves will be a Christmas present.
There are four requests for such gloves and I'm knitting quickly
 to try and finish them all before the holiday.

It smells like rain tonight and surprisingly there are still 
crickets chirping in the darkness.

Lastly…I had an idea that prompted me to pulled out my oil paints.
It's been many, many years since I've painted but I'm excited about my project.
Oh, and there are two skeins of plum wool/silk waiting on my loom…
So many things to make!

xo, j


  1. your mind is full of happy thoughts. beautiful
    mug and l like the last photo.
    i am also trying to finish two knitting project at the
    same time..and want to knit some more later.
    fun knitting season✿

  2. oh, how that grey goes with autumn!
    may your cup be always full :)

  3. thank you both for your kind words
    my life is richer because of your friendship
    xo, j