Sunday, June 23, 2013

jacobsburg state park

the shade of crossing over a tree line
a view of the blue mountain, the appalachian trail runs along the top 
cute home along the creek near the parking lot
pig riding a unicorn?!?

This morning I was up and on the trail by 11:30am.
It's been sizzling hot and I wanted to try and beat the heat.

Because of the high temperature the stream trails were very busy,
crowded with barking dogs and laughing children splashing about.
I opted for the meadow trails which were steamier but less traveled.
Within ten minutes I was drenched in sweat...summer time!

Gnats dove for my eyes, wiggling about as I brushed them away.
The humid air amplified the thick, sweet smell of honeysuckle
  while catbirds and rufous-sided towhees sang at every turn.
(catbirds "mew" and towhees sing "drink-your-tea!")
Thistles and day lilies are just starting to bloom.

By 1:00pm, when the parking lot was near full, I was on my way home.
I popped a beer into the freezer and took a cool shower.
Then a veggie burger and tabbouleh for lunch with my icy drink.

The rest of my day was spent catching up on some 
hand washing and then painting until evening.

Hope everyone enjoyed this first weekend of summer.
xo, j

1 comment:

  1. what a cute pajama and the drawing with a bird.
    i miss being in a spacious airly place like these in your post.
    feels like real summer has arrived in your area already. enjoy each day.