Saturday, June 22, 2013

super moon

Yesterday was the summer solstice and tonight is the "super moon."

Just before nine o'clock I threw a shirt over my nightgown
grabbed my camera and drove to a favorite farmland.

Brown bats were circling the fields
(I have a soft spot for those chubby little aerialists!)
and the occasional car pulled over to watch the moon rise.

I don't quite understand how to use my new camera and
 time was passing quickly so all settings were on automatic, 
but I love this blue color.

Wishing all my loved ones around the world
a safe and happy summer season.

xo, j


  1. Beautiful photo of the super moon, dear J!
    and I love the story of the making-of

    Happy summer season!

  2. thanks for the beautiful blue moon.
    i have forgotton this kind of peaceful thing..
    so pretty.

  3. Oh yes, you captured it beautifully! We have a soft spot for the little aeriealists too (why we put up our bat house) :) Blessings on your summer, love