Monday, June 17, 2013

rainy new york

soggy little italy
outside the store where i worked
broken umbrellas abandoned on the corner
 the street below my hotel room
 as cars lined up for the holland tunnel around 1:00am
view from my room - love the yellow and grey

I'm back from a long week of work in New York City.
Half the time it rained and other half it was beautiful.

When I first arrived the rain was so heavy it soaked through 
my suitcase and even dampened some of my clothes.

It didn't help that I was disoriented when I got off the subway
and ended up walking about 4 blocks in the wrong direction!

Despite my umbrella I was completely drenched when I checked into the hotel.
But it didn't really matter...I was now a temporary resident in my favorite city.


  1. oh, ah, this makes me excited to be near new york city again!

  2. i now have as much rain as you had
    in NY. hope you are resting well
    at home now.