Wednesday, June 19, 2013

sunny new york

sunset from the window at work
street corner at work
  chrysler building

I already miss my morning walks into to work!

Each day I tried to take a different route,
wandering up and down side streets along my way.

Soho is slow to wake up in the morning.
Of course there are people jogging or walking their dogs
and the occasional sleepy resident stumbling to the corner store
for coffee along with those heading into work like me.

The last photo is the view from my brother's family's hotel room.
Lucky for me they were up from NC for a weekend visit!
This was the fanciest hotel I had ever stayed in and that view
was even more spectacular at night.

We shared many hugs, laughs and a few tears.
A perfect way to end my stay in New York.


  1. i can feel the quiet morning hours before
    everyone wakes up in town. your NY story
    is lovely too.

  2. i love both your new yorks,
    sun-kissed + soaking,
    i dream one day . . .

  3. I was briefly in Soho last month (Purl pilgrimage). Would love to spend more time there and explore. Also enjoyed Brooklyn... Love the photos, my dear.