Sunday, September 22, 2013


dogwood fruit, wild apples, yarn, pumpkin

Today I went for a drive to my favorite stretch of local road
and took a few photos of the changing landscape.

The wind crackled through the drying corn 
and set the goldenrod tops dancing.

What appeared to be a golden eagle hunted over the field.
I admit it's early to see these majestic birds migrating,
but the size, level wing span, golden head 
and lack of white had me convinced.

The photos aren't the best, the bird was quite high up.
(I cropped them down to the last point of focus.)
You can see the bird as a dark spot in the upper right corner of the first photo.

Back home to an afternoon with a new knitting project  
and a bowl of vegetable soup for dinner.

Happy Equinox!
xo, j


  1. uplifting - just what i needed,
    thank you :)

  2. vege soup sound so good, that is what i am
    going to cook today! lovey fall color in last
    photo. love it.