Wednesday, September 18, 2013

in the mailbox

The latest issue of Selvedge magazine came the other day
and with it a pair of lisa b socks as a thank you for my renewal.

I already peeked at my online copy but treasure sitting
down with the paper issue and my morning coffee.

Also, I was surprised to find a copy of the 
October 2013 Knit Picks catalog in my mailbox.
How unusual to see a mail order type catalog for yarn.

I must admit to a slight gasp when I opened to the page above.
Perhaps my stash would look this way if not squirreled away
in moth proof bags and storage containers.

It's a more than perfect day here weather wise.
The sun still warm and bright but cool enough for a light sweater.
Our autumnal equinox only three days away...


  1. that inspire me to hurry up to finish my current
    knitting project, and more colorful one in mind for next!

  2. so glad to tell you i finish knitting
    at midnight last night. very satisfying!

  3. Lovely little treasures and eye candy in the mail! Those socks are adorable.