Tuesday, September 10, 2013

hardenburgh trail

"At some point in life, the world's beauty becomes enough."
-Toni Morrison

On Saturday I took a hike up the Hardenburgh Trail
into the Balsam Lake Mountain Wild Forest.

The rocky trail was sometimes steep and always uphill.
At times it was a challenge to find the next blue trail marker.
By the end of the hike my knees were burning!
Uphill and downhill both took their toll.

mushrooms, lichens, moss and ferns 
an afternoon spent in the company of trees
it was oh so quiet 

I wonder what it's like up there tonight,
what creatures are shuffling about the forest floor...


  1. What a beautiful hike. The forest looks rather magical during that day. If it looks that way during that day, I can only imagine how magical it looks at night.

  2. dear j, i too love the company of trees
    i'm exactly where toni morrison says,
    i've been here a while