Wednesday, September 25, 2013

wednesday scarf

I've started a very simple shallow triangle scarf
with a beaded picot edge.

This is my first time beading a knit piece.
It's not as difficult as I had thought to place the beads
and they lend a bit of sparkle to the black cash merino wool.

The pattern is all garter stitch with a row of eyelets along the fore edge.
This will be quick and fun to knit up while watching a movie or two.

Only three weeks and three days to the New York Sheep and Wool Festival!
Have a great week.
xo, j


  1. this is so beautiful. i would like to try it.
    where can i find the pattern, j?

    1. it's on ravelry, here's the link
      have fun!
      xo, j

    2. i can now find more things
      that i want to knit. thank you j.