Saturday, June 09, 2012


Since my return from the mountains I've been very, very busy.
As my friend, littlelichen, suggested 
"Head to the woods and never return to civilization!"
My heart is always in the woods...

Yesterday I had to give a block printing and bookbinding demo at work.
I hauled in the pages for Farm and a copy of April, among other things.
The response was great and I even had requests to purchase each book.
Last night I spent three hours cutting around the 12 first panels of Farm;
12 complete copies are going to take a while to finish!

The flowers on my yellow orchid are starting to droop,
pretty amazing since they bloomed in February!

As impossible as it seems, I have three tiny cherry tomatoes on my windowsill plant.
The hothouse beauties will be used to make a tomato and avocado sandwich for lunch.

Hope you enjoy your weekend.

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