Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday - Suddenly Summer

Tomorrow may be the Solstice
but summer's heat arrived with a vengeance today.

After work I stopped by the Allentown Rose Garden.
Tree Swallows live in the birdhouses placed atop each pergola.
You know it's hot when the birds start panting.

I love the smell of heat soaked roses...
The warmth gives such depth to the scent.
Not like the hothouse blooms I buy at the store.

As I was leaving I passed a young man carrying his
guitar case over to a bench by the pond.
What a lovely way to end the day.
If only I could have stayed to listen.

More heat tomorrow.


  1. i used to visit near by park like your last photo as often as i could, morning and evening. your photo remind me that place byt the lake.
    whenever i live, i am found of big trees and always look for that kind of place so i can go visit and sit by it.
    enjoy your luxuriuos surronding you have now.

    rain here today and will rain more tomorrow.
    at least my plants are happy ♪
       ☾ good night, j

  2. Awwww..look at him! Tree swallows are so darned cute. I love watching them flying over the river when I go for a walk every night. I agree about garden roses, they are the scent of heaven itself with the sun warming their petals.