Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday - Conversational Threads

It feels like summer today.
The sky is a smalty humid blue and the temperature is at 90F.

I took a ride over to my favorite yarn store today, Conversational Threads.
The owner, Cindy, is expanding and I had to get a look at the new layout.
The store has more than doubled in size and is just beautiful!
A warm and inviting atmosphere with a lovely and helpful owner
and loads of wonderful yarn.

Of course, I went in to pick up some more #2 DP's 
and could not resist the the yummy pink merino blend.

Good luck with the new shop Cindy. 
(Sorry I didn't post more photos; I was home before I realized
my camera lens was filthy!  More next time.)


  1. beautiful pink yarn you picked...i can feel it softness and warmness already.

  2. Thank you, Janet, for posting the beautiful pictures and your kind words! It's easy to love your job when you have such great customers! See you again soon -

  3. today, it rained all day, small drops of rain, quietly...
    so in the evnening, it feels like back to winter and i am
    cold, putting wool cardigan your pretty yarn put me in a mood for knitting but not sure what to knit. i am curious what you are making.