Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday - Red Socks

While reading Ann Marie's post about her recent trip to Switzerland the Alps
I was reminded of my own visit many years ago.

Left to hike the trail above on my own I made my way 
to the glacial flow in the distance.
Amazed by the abundance of wildflowers and stumbling over
German greetings with fellow hikers I felt I was on top of the world.

Later, in a small town below, I saw a woman with a grey bob,
white shirt and lederhosen heading up to the trail alone.
She had bright red socks peeking from the tops of her boots.
I fancied I was looking at myself in the far future...
wishing perhaps.

I regret not buying a pair of lederhosen while I was there!

I turned the heel of my simple red socks this morning.


  1. My Dad visited the alps when he was young, and so have many of the people I work with. Everyone says it's like a corner of paradise. I really hope to go there someday. Thanks for sharing such beautiful memories J, and those fabulous red socks. :)

  2. Someday I hope to visit Deutschland and the Alps since most of my family originally came from there many years ago. Have a good day J!