Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Quiet Morning

Last night it was cool enough to turn off the fan and snuggle under quilts.
The past few nights have been full of swooping bats and pouncing foxes.
The vixen has brought her kit down from the mountain to hunt.

This morning a swirly breeze is tossing clouds across the sky and the air smells of cut grass.

A new knitting magazine, berries from the weekend and some simple paper marbling I did last week.

I received news of two dear friends who are very ill...they fill my thoughts today.


  1. Sending good thoughts and prayers for your friends J. I hope everything turns out okay.

  2. Thank you so much, dear friend. xo, j

  3. hi, j! your patchwork quilt inspire me to work on
    patchwork tote bag i have been thinking about.
    it's been a little cool night here too and still
    wearing long sleeves at night. hope your friends
    are on the way to recovery soon.